In The Smoky Backstreets Of Twilight

I gaze, at funeral, of my day
Goes up, in flames, same sacrament
Yet lingers, in my mind, melee
Of shadows, until, I am spent!

Stray zephyr, brings, from trinity
Same missive, in, new envelope
As I, measure, life’s uncertainty
By scale, of fear, benchmarked by hope!

As a furor, quenches, in sea’s spree
Many million, eons, of wanderlust
Entwine me, in, eerie rhapsody
Tentacles of, life’s sins, august!

All soulful shades, of, faith and fear
Lay strewn, like, broken, rosary of night
I smolder, until, I disappear
In The, Smoky Backstreets, Of Twilight!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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