The Digital Dream Called Metaverse

Since real, found its, virtual avatar
Myth is, new truth, but a, ‘bit’ apart
In this, bazaar, more than, bizarre
We trade, with keys, of soul and heart!

Deciphered, into, digital clones
We join, rat-race, to that utopia
Where ‘likes’, and ‘loves’, are, alone milestones
Of, our, intellectual inertia!

AR, VR,…, XR, is, new us
Artificial, is, intelligence now
Intellect, is lost, in a maze, vicious
Digital Dynasty, we, avow!

Defying real, denying truth – new nirvana, of the, human race
In a universe, torn to, ones and ciphers
We’ve lost, ourselves, in the, endless chase
Of The, Digital Dream, Called Metaverse!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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