In The Prison Of My Thoughts

Who lingers, in, redemption’s skin
A man’s fear, in his, faith’s façade
Ain’t, my life, an, intellectual sin
Trading myths, in, truth’s charade!

A cynic, thru, resentment’s lens
Discovers, deciphers, conjectures
To reconcile, with his, insolence
Searching, for that 1, infinite ciphers!

I dared, to be, not a platitude
Who devours days, from a, platinum plate
Away, from ‘herds’, in, my solitude
Which, realism’s realm, do, I create!

Born with, free heart, yet, a confined mind
That seeks, life’s meaning, at all costs
A long-lost cause, I dare, not find
In The Prison, Of, My Thoughts!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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