A Pilgrim From The Other World

Who hurtled, it, to the, solar fief
From the, deep dark distant, boundlessness
To the, human awe, beyond belief
A phantom, sneaked in, with finesse!

Not a, trailblazer, to dare, the sun
But a, stealthy stray, in search, of life
To find, that, missing dimension
In a universe, where, nihility is rife!

Or, is it, more of, a myth, man made
To vindicate, his, futile quest
For the, endeavors, Einstein, had said
“Lest Science, be our, vanity’s conquest”!

What’s there, to seek. from a, speck of dust
Beyond, stony stupor, space-time, hurled
Whose faith, in life, fuels, its wanderlust
A Pilgrim, From The, Other World!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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