A River Bleeds Between Two Hearts

Who split, their land, couldn’t shred, its soul
Partition, could they, a mother’s womb!
Now pay, lost legacy’s, lasting toll
By, Gandhi-Nehru-Jinnah’s, tomb!

Was it all, just, about, two faiths
Or the, political gluttony, of two cliques
Which, left behind, a tribe, of wraiths
Whose hearths, lay strewn, in lost antiques!

Beyond benign, and, fanatic façades
Those ethoses, learnt, to live, new lies
Amid, holy jihads, and, secular charades
Hindus, squirm in, Muslim disguise!

Whilst, world awed, at, lost brothers’, tryst
Their tears, broke down, hate’s, barbed ramparts
In the veins, of love, which drips, like mist
A River Bleeds, Between, Two Hearts!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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