Remain With Man His Seminal Stains

Who’ll bless, now, ‘His Royal Highness’
As he pays, the price, of his machismo
Queen yearns, for her, coffin’s recess
Away, from the sins, of her, son’s libido!

Blare out, graffiti, in every street
Gone are, those days, of the, regal guile
When Law-Dog, kissed, dynasty’s feet!

Feminism, is, new, political fact
Men, dig out, graveyard, of your past
Lest you, leave behind, phallic artifact
Whose taint, will last, for a world, aghast!

All men, are same, outside, their pants
Only semen, runs, in manhood’s veins
Beyond, his virile, vanity’s rants
Remain, With Man, His Seminal Stains !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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