In The Prison Of COVID Prejudice

This Djoke, is no, less than, Vic-hunt
Alas, Novak, had known, Political Chess
His flair, at last, earnt him, affront
As his, Tennis-Brethren, couldn’t care less!

Scott Morrison, found his, poster boy
To flaunt, his, Coronal Commitments
When Novak, fell for, his decoy
“An Exemption, With, Entrapments”!

At the heart, of, Covid Hypocrisy
Is their, “Dare To Death”, against vaccine
Who slam, Novak’s, “Hostile Heresy”
Prefer guillotine, o’er, quarantine!

How long, with his pawn, will Morrison play
How far, will Tennis, war, with Justice
Why, Spirit of Faith, be a, castaway
In The Prison, Of, COVID Prejudice !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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