Mortar Is Sugar Of Our Tea

Where, caravans stopped, there, hamlets began
And, the endless quest, of evolution
New shrines, replaced, old tombs, of man
Megaliths, of a, lasting delusion!

We learnt, the sacraments, of straight lines
For a, more disciplined, existence
When, stacked-up, in, structured, steel-spines
Were the, dimensions of, renaissance!

We shrank, in the society, of cells
Living in, hard-haggled, square feet
Those yards, boulevards, of our cradles
All lost, for the, fiefdoms of concrete!

We founded, new substance, of our soul
In, the alchemy, of, our civility
We’re graffiti, of, our pigeonhole
Since Mortar, Is Sugar, Of Our Tea!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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