In Coffins Where The Angels Sin

From Texas, to this, ‘earthy’ east
Where streets, abound in, ragamuffins
And law, forbids them, not the least
From leaving, love-bites, on their skins!

For a penny, sells here, innocence
Such are, these, countries’ economics
West is welcome, to buy, for pittance
The respect, of these, Sex-Republics!

“Dare you, call it rape, it’s love”, he says
As he flaunts, the photos, of his fest
With a, 6 year-old, at 60, flays
All eyes, that disgrace, his ‘conquest’!

They couldn’t, care less, when the, dough comes in
The bread, of their souls, devour their kin
There squirm, to death, their dreams, virgin
In Coffins, Where The, Angels Sin!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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