When Zephyr Shook The Town’s Ennui

Where life, lay strewn, in the dust, of noon
Lost in, trivia, of triviality
The morning, that, promised the moon
Laments, true lies, of reality!

Where life, succumbs, to existence
In the, rites of, daily inertia
Would a little, spur of, nonchalance
Usurp stupor, in a, coup d’état!

Little love-child, of, the trinity
No one knew, when this, sin, sneaked in
In the, fief of, pious perpetuity
To wake up, an ethos, in coffin!

She almost, blew the, pastor’s hat
As he stood, ogling, diva’s upskirt
Life learnt, living, beyond diktat
Faith baptized, in, love’s, seminal squirt!

Stands a, silent tomb, of prejudice
By, the brazen shrine, of sin’s orgy
In, pious paralysis, it found, its bliss
When Zephyr, Shook, The Town’s, Ennui!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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