How A Ruffian Robbed The Russian Dream

Brought up, on, “Seventeen, Moments Of Spring”
And a, legacy of, Socialist despots
A ‘satanic’, Stierlitz, in making
Was the, new Stalin, sans, Socialist thoughts!

The cold, wild, ethos, of Russia
Fostered, a street-hoodlum’s, chutzpa
Where cradles, crime, social inertia
A state, waited, for his, coup d’état!

Russia, is a, hopeless enigma
A Republic, reigned by, tyranny
Eternized, by past’s, glorified stigma
Lest ignominy, be its, destiny!

In power-drunken, Putin’s, pride
A state, redeems, its lost esteem
Ain’t, what we witness, prophesied
How A Ruffian, Robbed The, Russian Dream!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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