In The Cipher’s Infinite Pilgrimage

With the birth, of the, cosmic twins
Began, the quest, of existence
In the, deep dark womb, of origins
Were lost, evolution’s, evidence!

Which faith, defied, that inertia
Whose fear, was, all that existed
God sought, o’er, vibrant utopia
A dystopic, slumber, instead!

Big Bang, was a mere, ritual, time stirred
Hurling nothingness, on an, endless tryst
Redemption, of matter, mattered
From the, Space-Time fist, of the Alchemist!

Time disowned death, for a life, newfound
Albeit, with mayhem, of, galactic rage
Fear, lost out, to, creative faith, profound
In The, Cipher’s, Infinite Pilgrimage!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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