Between Her Darkness And His Wall

She seems, to be, graffiti, of her past
Squirming, behind, a shroud, of shame
Who stares, at future’s, bane aghast
Pawn of, Taliban’s, ‘Faith & Fear’, game!

Why, hide behind, sharia’s façade
Their manhood, dreads, womanhood, to death
Who, never fathomed faith, beyond jihad
Live hate, for women, every breath!

“If women, learn, how men, would earn
Exclusive, wisdom, of Allah”
Lo, and behold, zealots discern
“Men herd, the women”, enigma!

“We want, their bodies, and, their wombs
Not, the lesser mind, of womankind”
Where wives, and mothers, are, living tombs
In chains, of, faith and fear, entwined!

She bears, her, intellectual, exile
Grieving, Afghan, ethnic downfall
And glares, at God, with a, satanic smile
Between, Her Darkness, And, His Wall!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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