In The Trance Of Galactic Dance

Where the, silent seas, of fury, tryst
Our, mystic myth, of trinity
There, opens up, the deep, dark fist
Of the alchemy, of, divinity!

A ring, of fire, fury and dust
Eternal cradle, of, universe
Many lightyears, worth, of wanderlust
Is the destiny, of our, endeavors!

“Where, Milky Way ends, Andromeda begins!”
Asks, misty mind, of an, awe-struck child
Lost in, cosmic quest, of his, origins
We find ourselves, where God, once smiled!

Why were, worlds born, from the, cipher’s womb
For the, splendor of, space-time’s romance
Our eyes, melt in, soulful aplomb
In The Trance, Of, Galactic Dance!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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