Fear Guards The Fortress Of This Faith

“Come one, and all, with marshmallows
To the bonfire, of a, fanatic epic
Our ‘brittle belief’, redeemed, its flaws
Baptized, by blood, of a heretic!”

Faith is, an amazing, Alchemist
It mutates, hate, to a, holy act
From, this heist, every Jihadist
Proves, faith is fest, of fear, in fact!

Such is, the justice, of malice
In, fear-stricken streets, by, faith-sick herds
God gazes, in, pious paralysis
Whilst, savoring sin, of his, holy orchards!

What became, of the, prophet’s legacy
O’er, changing times, an estranged wraith
In the throes, of, bigots’ lunacy
Fear Guards, The Fortress, Of This Faith!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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