Drink Distances My Yearning Eyes

How near, yet far, is a, remembrance
The distance, pain measures, with time
In this, one-way street, of existence
Lost moments, define, life’s paradigm!

Why spring, longs for, fall, every year
Love aches, for pain, of a, profound loss
The heart that bleeds, for every tear
Defiesm lasting truth, of a, long-lost cause!

Why call them, who dare, not to come
Breaching, the walls, of prisons, of pasts
How unreal, is our, realism
Life ends, chasing, a lust, that lasts!

Yet wait, at, Sunset-Boulevard
In endless, trance, my, two fireflies
In the, pursuit of, time’s, lost orchard
Drink Distances, My, Yearning Eyes!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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