A Treaty On A Toilet Roll

Who own, disown, this miasma
That melts, the ethos, of our earth
Behold, their piety’s, enigma
Who’ve left, world’s worth, with, trinity’s dearth …!

Chain smokers, warn world, not to smoke
When cancer, reached the, mortal stage
Climate-Change deal, is their, masterstroke
To absolve, themselves, of world’s outrage!

With fortunes, fostered, by fossil fuels
They are, on the right side, of Great Divide
They’ve won, hands down, unfought duels
O’er, earth’s destiny, they’ve crucified!

One more sacrament, adds to, last ones
To bleed more, Mother-Earth’s, wounded soul
We’ve lost, life’s cause, to shenanigans
A Treaty, On A, Toilet Roll!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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