For The Greater Glory Of The Soul

vikas chandra

Most battles, of life, were won, or lost
Yet a war, remains, not to, lose or win
Not the one, that levies, a worldly cost
But the one, that mutinies, deep within!

Starker, than truth, darker, than pain
Is the pilgrimage, of faith, and fear
Tethered to, a sacrament, ‘profane’
Is the cross, of sin, we’re born, to bear!

Be a platitude, in a, fettered herd
Or the king, of your, intellectual fief
To dare, to be, ever, unfettered
Is a, transcendence, beyond belief!

Done, with orgies, orgasmic sprees
And the fiestas, that took, their toll
Be, a discovery, beyond, discoveries
For The, Greater Glory, Of The Soul!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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