… To Pay Debt Of Black Schizophrenia

vikas chandra

Such is, their faith, in intellect
Who dwell, in, live past’s, perfidy
Every toil, thru thoughts, is to resurrect
Belief in, dead present’s, parody!

A race lost, in sin, of its s(k)in
Breathes with, black lungs, bleeds from, black heart
Who slumber, in, history’s coffin
Won’t wake up, even if, world falls apart!

Who live, their ethnic enigma, with pious pride
Are renegades, fighting a, vain vain war
Black Jesus, loves, to be crucified
On White cross, by, Black metaphor!

Wonder, what has, future, promised them
Who live, in angst’s, infinite inertia
A race, lingers in, past’s postmortem
To Pay Debt, Of, Black Schizophrenia!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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