Who Snatch Quran From Muslim Hands

This Socialist fear, of, Arab faith
Transcends, the Satan’s, hate for God
Every Uighar, here is, a stupored wraith
A convict, of, ummah outlawed!

“We teach world, how to, preempt jihad
With ruthless laws, and, iron fists”
Squawks, shaky China, from its, frail façade
As it heists, the faith, of ‘Islamists’!

“Why resent, when silence, is convenient!”
World has, condemned, Uighars, to oblivion
When billions, of ¥uans, more than, incent
Economics, of their, unconcern!

The storm, you brew, will consume you
Lest, you morph, fireflies, into firebrands
May faith, overwhelm, their bugaboo, too
Who Snatch, Quran, From, Muslim Hands!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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