Between Apocalypse And Politics

If numbers, are myths, what is truth
How far, have we, ravaged our earth
We watch, aghast, our mother’s, ruth
And lament, our, evolution’s worth!

We’ve poisoned, oceans, with plastic
And air, with, mortal miasma
For some, drastic, others, sarcastic
Is this, existential, enigma!

A race, that won, hedonistic race
Have lost, to lust, their mother’s womb
Now fearing, a purge, without a trace
Are we, building our, posterity’s tomb!

They whitewash, old promises, with new
Brinkmen, who flirt, with rhetorics
World lingers, in its, feat’s residue
Between, Apocalypse, And Politics!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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