A Shredder Worth a Billion Dimes

At last, it made, to the, “Millions League”
That graffiti, now, is a Masterpiece
Ethnic fatigue! Political intrigue!
Alas, is art’s ‘Disaster-piece’!

A worrying vision, of, new world
Is only, what, sells now, so well
Between art, and myth, lay, barriers blurred
Propaganda, is what, prejudices tell!

Bansky has, lost, his satire
His girl ,her balloon, now smack, of sin
With an ethos, shredded, to a cipher
It’s Art, NOT “Love Is, In The Bin”!

Are artists, pimping, propagandas
In bazaars, of flair’s, new paradigms
What a sham, is art, that sells, alas!
With A Shredder, Worth a, Billion Dimes!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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