Both, Puppet And A Pawn – Taiwan Taiwan ….

China, doesn’t spare, does, America care
Democracy, of a, daring isle
Whose fear, lays its, freedom’s faith, bare
Stuck, between truth, and myth, of their guile!

When dragons, spit fire, from sky
An ethos, squirms, in inferno
Whilst Yankees, look for, alibi
After firing, their, political salvo!

(Xi:) “Don’t play, here, your shenanigans”
(Tsai:) “US, safeguards, our Republic”
(Joe:) “Spend billions, on our, epic guns”
Sums up, a sinister, rhetoric!

Who has, mortgaged, its destiny
To the, bane of God, will of Satan
With a, litany, of ignominy
Both, Puppet, And A Pawn – Taiwan, Taiwan, ….!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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