The Pain Of Being ‘Another Man’

Who hid, his tears, behind our smiles
Never in, the façades, of nonchalance
That man’s, legacy, still reconciles
Enigma, of his, surrogate existence!

To be, a man, in another, man’s skin
Whose faith, and fear, in his estrangement
With a life, lived between, satire and sin
Was nothing, more than, a sacrament!

A showman’s, solitary, subsistence
On throne, of thorns, o’er shreds, of dreams
Stinks, of our, social indifference
Where truth’s, more a myth, as true, it seems!

Delusion died, a desolate, death
He embraced, truth, from which, he ran;
Redeemed, at last, his final breath
From The Pain, Of Being, Another Man!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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