We Are Sole Redeemers Of Our Souls

At the tomb, of faith, lies a litany, spent
In holy hope, baptized by, fear
Every testament, seems a, sacrament
And God, a cross, I learnt, to bear!

Not a, borrowed truth, but an, inborn lie
“Redemption, is begged, and not earnt”
Who should, we defy, who deify
Divine drudgery, is, what we have, learnt!

We sell, our souls, to pay, for our sins
Of this life, as well as, past birth
And live, our faith, in fear’s coffins
To measure up, to His, Godly worth!

Beyond misery, of, Messiah’s myths
And the, holy heist, of His hyperboles
We are, lone epics, of our, megaliths
We Are, Sole Redeemers, Of Our Souls!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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