The Last Jew Of Afghanistan

He belongs, to, time’s caravan, lost
Amidst past, and present’s, estrangement
A half, a Jew, who pays, faith’s cost
With a, life spent in, fear’s sacrament!

Ensnared in, his, own enigmas
In the prison, of land’s, last synagogue
One of, Taliban’s, lasting ‘stigmas’
Dares fatwas, with, piety’s monologue!

Beyond his, red herring, of belief
Is the pride, to be, the only Jew
A king, smitten with, his little fief
Is half, a rabbi, knowing no Hebrew!

Despite all odds,, he flirts, with his fate
Between, Torah’s truth, myth of Quran
Stray tombstone, of, ethnic stalemate
The Last Jew, Of, Afghanistan!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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