When Satans Create Caliphate Of Hate

Faith-drunken, fanatics, blare, “Dare you fear …!”
Toting, smoking guns, baptized by, gore
Marred, Afghan ethos, bemoans, in bier
“Alas! Who demeaned, life to, death’s metaphor!”

O’er tomb, of a, mortified monarchy
Was a democracy, ever meant, to be
Cold-War, left a, lasting, anarchy
With 9/11’s legacy, Afghans, live a, satanic prophecy!

Done with, death-laden, war’s wasteland
US back-stabbed, hope’s dream, yet again
Leaving dystopia, of tears, blood, and sand
With, sadist Jihadists, who fathom faith, with pain!

Faith paves, with fear, every funereal street
Fanatics’ fatwa, is this, fallen state’s fate
Mourning mothers, wailing widows, will decipher, its defeat
When Satans, Create, Caliphate Of Hate!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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