Away Who Flew To Never Return

My lad, lived up, to his, legends’ lore
To kiss, skies on, wings of fire
Who baptized, trinity, by rites, of gore
All alone, now stares, at the, heaven’s door
Musing, “War’s a, satanic satire”!

With a heart, stray kite, in the, rainbow-sky
Whose dreams, transcended, horizon
Found, life’s truth in hate, death’s love, in a lie
And to flirt, with death, his pride’s passion!

The day, he earned, his wings, he cried
“My manhood, longs for, martyrdom!”
All vows, he broke, to be crucified
At the altar, of, jingoism!

As steep, he soared, so did, he fall
Into, silent heart, of the, solemn sea
War’s graffiti, left, on my, stony wall
Parodies, mankind’s, mean vanity!

A motherhood, paid, a manhood’s, cost
When in, man’s shadow, my boy, was lost!

His broken myth, was never, ever found
Except, last words, in an, empty urn
“For a, manly madness, so profound
Away, Who Flew, To Never Return!”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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