A Life Lost In (Parentheses)…

In blind brackets, stray, afterthoughts
Beyond, paradigm of, nonchalance
A ‘banal blotch’, of, forget-me-nots
Is the, lost substance, of our existence!

In a, herd of, word-tamed expressions
Was ever heard, the voice, of heart!
Amid conjectures, of, comprehensions
Sin’s, silent symphony, played Mozart!

Imprisoned souls, in, dark pigeonholes
Begrudge, no more, their destiny
Yet squirm, in the fest, of hyperboles
With a, long-forgotten, litany!

In this, profound, inertial equation
With matter, plays, momentum, chess
Faith lingers on, on, fear’s ration
A Life, Lost In, (Parentheses) … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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