Between Christian Faith And Catholic Fear

They took, crucifixes, to, Catholic graves
Those urchins, church seized, to civilize
Turning, native ‘boors’, into, Christian slaves
Pope’s ‘henchmen’, came to, ‘evangelize’!

In fall, when bled, the maple’s heart
Little ‘rascals’, withered in, faith’s ghetto
Faith and fear, ain’t, two worlds, apart
Both are, the same, they came, to know!

They scream, from tombs, for a, hundred years
“Your Christ’s cross, weighs down, on our souls
Your Catholic graves, aggravate, our fears
Redeem us, from your, faith’s, smoldering coals!”

Pope’s penance, comes, at a, heavy price
“How can, my faith, be flawed”, he thinks
Who buys, his, pedophile priests’, holy lies
Won’t sell, his soul, until it stinks!

How, Catholic Cartel, Vatican Gang
Wrecked, the ethos, of a, native land
When they bared, to bone, faith’s fatal fang
In tombstones, made of, blood and sand
Lay, many a dream, with a pain, to bear
Between, Christian Faith, And, Catholic Fear!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra


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