Every Morning Is A Prism Of The Soul

From the, fertile womb, of a, pregnant dream
Resurrects, new truth, of time’s, old myth
With a fist, of faith, and fear, we redeem
Fortitude, to make, morning’s megalith!

Beyond, reveries of, lost yesterdays
And the, wounded wisdom, earnt therein
Soul fathoms, in, past’s giveaways
All battles, lost, for the war, won within!

When soul reveals, life’s a, pilgrimage
Façades, shatter, charades, disappear
Every moment, spent in, vain outrage
Is now, a towering truth, hard to bear!

Redemption like, strewn faith’s, rosary bead
Is what, we seek, from, fear’s pigeonhole
Belief is, beyond, our ritualized, creed
Baptized by, tears of sun, hope’s seed
Every Morning, Is A, Prism Of The Soul!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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