To Be No One In Someone’s League

Behind elm doors, meets, clique of élites
Lo and behold! ‘Herd’ of, highbrows
Who weigh, world with, spartan spreadsheets
Bonded by, vain, exotic vows!

Who theorize, truth, to the brink, of myth
Motivate, corporates, with conjectures
How stands, on sand, intellect’s megalith
Built by, for, of, business dollar$!

Why do, we squirm, in the prison, of their minds
Who claim, to have won, reason’s ‘rat-race’
As we, delve deeper, in these, cocksure kinds
We find, faith’s façade, shrouding, every fearful face!

They scream, out of, NYT Bestsellers
Basking, in their glory, of intrigue
It feels, like being, spent satires
To Be, No One, In Someone’s League!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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