We Lost Our Cradles To Our Graves

Fiefs, we founded , caravans, where we lost
When ‘renegades’, renounced, their pilgrimage
New quest, were us, at the, old one’s cost
When we built, o’er bliss, age of outrage!

For, a civilization, from, an ‘oblivion’
We tore, to shreds, mother-moorland’s heart
When a faith, baptized by, tears of sun
Gave way, to delusion, two worlds apart!

A ‘nameless’ race, at last, found its face
In the megaliths, of its, vainglory
Which magnificence, did we, bid to chase
Our insolence, intones, which feat’s story!

Ain’t we, mean ciphers, made of mortar
Democracy’s, pawns, Capitalism’s, slaves
Why, to cede, our faith, to embrace, our fear
We Lost, Our Cradles, To Our Graves!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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