In This Era Of Our Estrangement

From the womb, of, cipher of origin
To the cradle, of the, cosmic race
Is enigma, time, or a, sublime sin
That bares, façade, o’er every face!

Human paradox, in this realm, of clay
Dares time, to bolster, history’s myth
Yet, leaves behind, in this, ‘child’s play’
Oblivion’s, ever-growing, megalith!

Average, of a sum, in the, human herd
Who yearns, to be, time’s known martyr
Yet knows not, who stares, from mirror
A phantom, beyond, life’s stupor, blurred!

From moral seclusions, to, digital liaisons
We invent, new, social sacrament
Unknown remain, yet, ‘known dimensions’
In This Era, Of Our, Estrangement!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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