A Yearning Smolders Thru The Night

Counting, cinders, by the hearth
That flirt, o’er, my squirming skin
A phoenix, forsakes, her rebirth
From the inferno, that fumes, within!

Why rakes, my soul, o’er old coals
All promises, broken, by your vows
If love means, to just, pay faith’s tolls
Pain is, fear’s fiesta, I carouse!

Free from, the entrapment, of clothes
Baptized, by blaze, bare burning bride
O’er pyre, of shame, love’s litany, loathes
Fidelity’s funeral, for, prejudice and pride!

Solaced, I see, my shadow rage
In a rhapsody, of, wild delight
Lest, die out, love’s, pain-pilgrimage
A Yearning, Smolders, Thru The Night!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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