Mirage Of Dreams In A Spent Wasteland

vikas chandra

Baptized, whose sweat, their fortitude
If not, the pilgrims, of their fate
Who invented, providence, with ‘crude’
New myths, with mortar, they create!

O’er tombs, of, sun-baked villages
Where wild pearls, sold for a, fistful of dimes
New frenzy, of, rat-race rages
To change, lost history’s, paradigms!

O’er endless, roads, time outruns, man
From a herd, of, ethnic estrangement
Evolves enigma, of a, contrived clan
In visa-queues, whose life, is spent!

Between, megalomania, and schizophrenia
Delusional, is, life’s every strand
Where fairy-tales, found, their utopia
Mirage Of Dreams, In A, Spent Wasteland

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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