… For I Don’t Know How Far Can I Go …

O’er fertile dust, of the, trodden trails
Where my, drive defies, my destiny
The only milestones, of my, travails
Are delusions, of my, soul’s litany!

Beyond the herds, of, world’s bazaar
Where sell, charades, façades of flair
Each bend, here, bears, a new avatar
Of fortitude, between faith, and fear!

I find, no end, at horizon
But the birth, of quest’s, new pilgrimage
For the Eden, paved with, tears of sun
Each mile, is worth, more than, an age!

Can time, defeat, a timeless man
For the dream, I sow, to the world, I owe
Relentless, moves, my caravan
… For I Don’t Know, How Far, Can I Go … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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