The Death Of Digital Democracy

Since thoughts, broke down, to bits and bytes
And we found, our, World Wide Personage
Ever oblivious, of, Digital Rights
We consigned, our lives, to unknown outrage!

How speed matters, more than, the thought
Why e-xpressions, smack of, conquests
Whilst we, e-volve to, e-thnic rot
Dark, Digital Myth, time manifests!

The spiders, of the, World Wide Net
Are a clique, of, preying propagandists
Who buy us, for our, Digital Debt
And sell, us to, Social Alchemists!

Slaves, to our, Digital E-xistence
We hail, to hilt, heist, of its hypocrisy
Our soul, has found, its new substance
In The Death, Of, Digital Democracy!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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