Lest Xi’s Grave Be South China Sea

Shall a spark, sow fear, of an inferno
History plays dice, with, human poise
It heaves, an age, into pain’s ghetto
At Normandies, as we count, our lost, dead boys!

It won’t, be west, this time around
But the, eastern fief, of his hegemony
Once a, placid patch, now a, battle-ground
Of his dream, of, Chinese supremacy!

Every neighbor, seems, an enemy
When you want, to seize, its sovereignty
As per, Communist, political alchemy
Democracy, is a, weak insanity!

May, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, … et al.
Swear by, supreme vow, of their unity
Dare dragon, doubt, republic-rationale
Lest Xi’s, Grave Be, South China Sea!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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