Our Great Blue Insolence

Evolution cost, more than, its price
A species, once, now a, domineering race
From a faith, in nature, to a, galactic enterprise
Homo Sapiens, finally found, their fictional face!

Every speck of soil; each shred of sky; each drop of sea
Means, to our end, means, end of, others’ lives
We have, debauched, evolution’s legacy
No more, the fittest, now, meanest survives!

After, tainting the trinity, of our home
We’ve set, our sights, on moon, and Mars
New wastelands’ search, is the, new epitome
Of the, cosmic clan, born to, win Star-Wars!

One day, from the point, of no return
From a milestone, endless, light-years away
To find, our long-lost cradle, when we yearn
We’ll hear, lasting moans, of a, moribund melee
From our tomb, of blessed birth, cursed continuance
Last legacy, of, lost coexistence
Our Great Blue Insolence!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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