What Remains Of An Ethnic Enigma

How many, know, how many, care
Whilst a race, is erased, from the, face of earth
In a, far-flung corner, of nowhere
Has Tigray, lost, its Ethnic worth!

Their existence, is an, estrangement
With the, Ethnic will, of Ethiopia
Reigned by, a Nobel Laureate, spent
In the, expansion, of his dystopia!

“Starve them, slay them, rape them, raze them…
May the world, never know, “Who Were Tigrayans?””
Mayhem, is man’s, meanest stratagem
To demolish, a tribe’s, Ethnic dimensions!

The lie of war, changed their, Ethnic truth
Who linger, in the shadow, of a new stigma
A psalm of shame, and a scorn, uncouth
What Remains, Of An, Ethnic Enigma!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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