Truth Is Beyond The Prison Of Words

What is unsaid, unheard, remains
Yet not, unfelt, deep down, the skin
Impression, in, expression’s reins
Is a, blasphemy, bare, beyond a sin!

Evolution, meant, new sacrament
Sound, shrouded in, dialect’s charade
We read, and wrote, new estrangement
With ‘facts of life’, in, lingual façade!

In this, realm of, Digital Democracy
Thoughts are, not more than, fictional fibs
Which blare, o’er web, ethnic hypocrisy
Words-worths, of today, with broken nibs!

Still, ‘unevolved’ substance, of our souls
Senses out sham, of, ‘literal herds’
Whilst lie, harangues, in hyperboles
Truth Is, Beyond, The Prison, Of Words!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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