Since ‘Sinners’ Redeemed Their Right/Rite To ‘Sin’

Last two decades, lasted, like an age
Since a love, shredded, its veil, of shame
Those Crusades, that dared, moral outrage
Are the shades, ‘The Rainbow Republic’, became!

Who had, once lingered, in shadows
As convicts, of, sexual heresy
With half lives, in, ignominy’s throes
Found freedom, beyond, holy hypocrisy!

That fateful night, saw their, Rainbow’s Sheen
Above, the moral moon, in, Amsterdam
Whose faith, broke chains, of, fear’s quarantine
Daring, baring, love’s, social sexual sham!

Whether, world sees them, with the, same disbelief
With the eyes, that can’t see, love, beyond skin
Now Adam, weds Adam, and Eve, weds Eve, in the, Rainbow Fief
Since ‘Sinners’, Redeemed, Their Right / Rite To ‘Sin’!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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