Enigma Of That Blessed Blood-bath

It indeed, was the Best, not a, Good Friday
When a faith, overwhelmed, sacrament of fear
At the altar, of pain, when a, ‘heretic’ castaway
Kissed the cross, of our sins, he chose, to bear!

New faith, sprouts thru cracks, in old one
His inbred creed, why a, born-Jew defied
Did his mind, heart, soul, in unison
Founded, new ethos, providence, prophesied!

Why we see, divinity’s birth, in a, martyr’s death
Is trial, by pain, only substance, of belief
Baptized by, human stain, until his, last breath
Hope’s gardener, kept alive, autumn’s last leaf!

At the crucifix, didn’t end, passion’s, pilgrimage
For fear, never wins, and faith, never dies
His faith, outlasted, our, fear’s outrage
Gravity, of our sins, measured, his sacrifice
Who paved, with pain, redemption’s path
Enigma, Of, That Blessed Blood-bath!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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