This “I” And That “ME”

Soul is, the shrine, of solitude
That “I” beyond I-dentity
Under shroud, of, social servitude
Lay the tomb, of my myth, world baptized “ME”!

“I” am, my faith, and “ME”, its fear
Alter ego, chasing, its shadow
Like the conjecture, we call, Shakespeare
Was not, the man, we’d come, to know!

“I” am, the stranger, lost in mob
“ME” is, my bargained, existence
I sell, my soul, for a, trifling job
Life means, to “ME”, but subsistence!

I am, the smallest, shred, of myself
Yet its, paradigm of, profundity
In the game, of shadows, lost an elf
Amidst, This “I”, And, That “Me” !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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