Colonists Avow – “We Are Not Racists !!!”

To snuff, a spark, with an inferno
Is the art, of, Royal Brinkmanship
World loves, to reap, the sins, they sow
Are colonial fossils, worth, our worship!

So many, eons of, ethnic holocaust
Bestowed, ‘lesser world’, imperialist isle
Black burden, of, white hegemony’s, cost
Bore, ‘lesser races’, with a, vow, servile!

Beyond sin, of, Meghan’s son’s, half-white skin
Bigotry breeds, deep down, the Royal Gene
The darkest shades, of the, white chagrin
Lay scattered, o’er their, splintered spleen!

Alas, long-gone, are, Royal-Godhood, days
When flaunted, black skulls, white supremacists
With a pride, plagued by, Harry-Meghan-Malaise
Colonists Avow – “We Are, Not Racists !!!”

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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