Who Bared To Bone, Seoul’s Sinful Soul

A rainbow, needs, the sunshine too
For a fury, to light, the shadowy sky
With a faith, in love, sans, fear’s taboo
Ablaze, is the heart, of the firefly!

It was, the calling, of, Byun’s soul
Captive by birth, in, manhood’s tomb
To redeem, Her whole, His destiny, stole
Shredding, social mores, for, sensual aplomb!

Where sissiness, is a, satanic sin;
Despised, is, sexual aberration
Where, only manly, virtues win
Byun’s suicide, is a, social salvation!

Prejudiced to shame, by the, phallic breed
‘Sinners’ live, to death, sexual holocaust
To redeem, from fear, its Rainbow-Creed
At The Cost, Of A, Penis Lost!

An unsung martyr, of, a war
Against, a state’s, hate-hyperbole
Byun, is an immortal, metaphor
Who Bared, To Bone, Seoul’s Sinful Soul!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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