Iran’s Islamic Inertia

In faith, found fear, its renaissance
A fanatic, doomed, a heretic’s fief
Lost legacy, became. ‘modern’ reign’s, substance
Shia sacrifice, trampled, Sunni belief!

Ayatollah, seized, their soul, and heart
A herd, baptized by, Imam’s gore
Impotent, is this, Bonaparte
With shadows, who fights, hegemony’s war!

‘Democracy, puppeteered by, Theocracy’
Stark satire, is this, state’s ethos
Vain jihad, waged with, Nuclear Lunacy
Is the, dystopian truth, of, a utopia’s loss!

Ayatollah dreams, to be, the king
Of an ummah, split by, schizophrenia
Brok-e/en, litany lost, in its, rosary-string
Is, Iran’s, Islamic Inertia!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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