A Dream That Refused To Die

Whose blood, baptizes, Dhaka’s streets
A farmer, of faith, who dared, to death
Decrees, of a ruthless, regime’s deceits
For a dream, beyond, freedom’s shibboleth!

In, every nook, rages, whose inferno
A renegade, martyr, smolders on …
Unfazed, unerased, by his, stately foe
Democracy, for whom, is a power-pawn
Yet, he blazes on, until the, new dawn!

Amid, devious dynasties, and a, jaundiced jihad
Hangs in balance, a nation’s, destiny
Two widows, reign on, with the, same façade
That fears, “Liberty, leads to, mutiny”!

On its, golden jubilee, a schizophrenic state
Chose to, crucify, faith’s firefly
Unaware – No Fear, Can Decimate
A Dream, That Refused, To Die!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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