In The Bleeding Heart Of A Surrogate War

United, by fear, divided, by faith
Shias, Sunnis, dig, each others’, graves
This land looks, like a, misery’s wraith
Where mothers, mourn, jihadi slaves!

Who sowed, hate’s seed, in brothers’ souls
The Saudi fear, or the, Persian wrath
Yemen pays, in blood and hunger, their rancor’s tolls
Who use it, to solve, political math!

Why they, dare not fight, their own jihad
Which smolders, for millennium, in their, fanatic hearts
Since Oil-Sheikhs, can buy, piety’s façade
They choose, to be, Impotent Bonapartes!

Many more, will die, of, famine, faith and fear
In this wasteland, of, mankind’s metaphor
Don’t the, two brothers know, whose cross, they bear
In The, Bleeding Heart, Of A, Surrogate War!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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